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What the Contractors are Saying

I have been a Contractor for 35 years and have always been looking for a better tool belt set-up. I noticed the Iron Dog work belt and pouches at my local lumber yard and decided to try them out! WOW, the belt fits tight and stays at my waist and the pouches are stiff enough that I can reach to the bottom of them with ease! THE BEST TOOL BELT SET UP I HAVE EVER HAD!!!! I give it 10 Stars. The clips work EXTREMELY well and there is no chance of them coming off. NOT A CHANCE! I highly recommend this product/products!!!!!

"It (Iron Dog Tool Gear works like a dream. The mere customability of the belt makes it more them enough of a reason to buy one. No matter what the tool needed for the job, I know that I have a pocket in which I can carry it safely and securely. I never feel weighed down with too many items like other belts and I can shift the pockets around so I don’t feel lopsided by what I’m carrying. Best of all,  the suspenders spread out the load so there is little to no pressure on your hips or back. This belt is a must buy, no matter what your line of work is. There's a rig setup for you."
Thank you for making such a great product.
David Samuel P.

I would just like to take the chance to tell you how amazing this system is. I currently own almost 2 setups, one for carpentry / framing and a second for iron working. I would like to thank you for such a superior product in the line of tool belts/rigs.
Brian S.

Great Tool Belt. Absolutely the most comfortable belt on earth. Don’t believe us-try it.
Kowalsky Construction

Well, first, the gear is great. Had a really nice compliment from a carpenter three days ago! It works great for my home inspections.
Fred F.
Four Square Restorations, Inc.
Four Square Home Inspection
I love having the interchangable system to match our ever changing, daily needs!!
I even love the little carry case  (carrier). It works great for all the little jobs that dont require my tool trailer!
Thanks for an awesome product!
Joe C.
President - Chambers Home Improvements

At first it felt like I took a chance but I'm happy I did, I can switch and change from job to job and never have useless tools weighing me down. The system is great and I expect to expand it more.
Gabe L.
I have been very impressed with the Iron Dog Tool rig do far. I think it is the most comfortable tool belt that I personally have ever used. I like the Velcro closure on the belt with the buckle back up. With this you are able to get the “just right” size.
Belts that I have used in the past always seemed to be pulling or sliding down on me, but the Iron Dog belt is very comfortable and stays in place even when loaded down.
The clip system for attaching the different pouches is very secure and yet allows you to easily rearrange things for easier access depending on the job you are doing.
I love the hammer hanger with the pockets for sets & pencils and the tape clip with the pockets as well. I was doing some trim work around windows last week and with the pockets on the hammer hanger and the tape clip, it allowed me to carry everything I needed without the extra bulk of all the other tools that I did not need.
All in all, as I stated previously, I have been very impressed. The quality of construction and materials used seem to be top of the line. I will definitely recommend your product to anyone I know who is looking for a new tool belt system.
Steve C.
Tools of the Trade  Fall issue  9 Best Tool Carriers