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The Quality

Designed To Work


The Leather
Iron Dog rigs and work bags feature tough, durable full grain suede leather inside and out.
Our leather is also flexible, never hard and stiff. Even after taking a soaking in the rain,
Iron Dog leather will remain flexible when it dries. Better still, leather on the inside of our pouches means a hard day's work isn't hard on your hands.
The Stitching
Iron Dog double stitches all critical seams so they'll
hold up to anything a job site can throw at them...
with rivets to back up the stitching just in case!
The Belt & Buckle
Ultra easy locking technology. All streel, strong
and practical. Nowhere else will you find a
buckle this easy to use. Set it once and forget it.
The belt is extra wide for even load distribution.
Clip Points
Double-reinforced ballicstic nylon clip points for extra durability. 
The Rivets
Iron Dog reinforces all key stress points with rivets for incredible strength.
And not just any rivets, but anodized rivets for ultimate weather resistance.




5 Layer Construction

Iron Dog’s hide is tough and thick to make sure it stands up. 
Full Grain Leather
Shock Foam
Ballistic Nylon
Full Grain Leather
Full Grain Leather

The Versa Clip

• High-grade 1075 carbon steel 

• Heat treated to RC-50

• Zinc phosphate finish can withstand   
  200 hours of salt spray

• Made in the USA